Teach In China

We have over 130 locations in over 100 cities in China across 20 provinces/

Curriculum & Syllabus
We have spent many years developing our own curriculum and syllabus. Our primary focus is on spoken and listening skille, with reading and writing secondary. Teachers are provided with a teacher’s guide, textbook and workbook for each level they teach.

Training & Development 
Before starting, teachers are required to attend a free two-day training course called TCERT. This is an induction and orientation course where the newly employed teachers are introduced to our materials, classrooms and teaching methods. It also provides an opportunity to share ideas in workshops and plan and deliver practice classes to gain experience.

During their time with us, teachers attend weekly teaching workshops and receive occasional observation and feedback from trainers. Teachers may also observe others classes or request one-on-one coaching if they feel it necessary.

Class Levels
We have two level sets, Kindergarten and Pre-school levels; and Primary school through to High school levels. Students attend once a week, with classes being held over the weekend or on weekday evenings after normal school hours.  Kindergarten and Pre-school levels are divided into two groups, and the student ages range from 3 to 5 years old. The youngest level is called “Jungle Gym” which has 2 levels numbered JG 1 and JG 2. These students are aged between 3 and 4.

After “Jungle Gym” we have “PC” classes for students aged between 5 and 6. “PC” stands for Parent Child, as parents or guardians may attend the class (but not participate). There are 4 PC class levels: PC 1 and 2 have 10 students per class plus parents, while in PC 3 and 4 there are 12 students without parents. For Kindergarten and Pre-school classes the western teachers teach for 30 minutes, assisted by a Chinese teacher.

The Primary school to High school classes (ages 7 to 18) are called “C” levels. “C” levels are divided into 4 levels of proficiency: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. Students are placed according to their ability rather than their age, so there may be a range of ages in one class (within reason).

Western teacher/Chinese teacher time depends on the class level. Beginner and lower Elementary class time is divided 50/50 between the teachers: the western teacher teaches for 1 hour assisted by a Chinese teacher, and the Chinese teacher teaches a further hour alone. Upper Elementary/Lower Intermediate classes are split 75/25 with the western teacher teaching one and a half hours assisted by a Chinese teacher and the Chinese teacher teaching the final 30 minutes alone.

Upper Intermediate classes are taught by the western teacher for 2 hours, assisted by a Chinese teacher for 2 hours. Finally, advanced levels are taught by the western teacher alone for 2 hours. We teach all ages and levels exclusively through English so Western teachers are not required to speak Chinese - translation is provided by Chinese teachers only when necessary.

Facilities & Classroom  
The Iconic-Teachers classrooms are very simple; each class has 18 desk chairs plus a whiteboard or glass board.