About Us

About Iconic-Teachers

Iconic Teachers is a team of recruiting professionals  with a vast network of training schools, kindergartens and local schools which focuses on speaking and listening skills for 3-18 year olds. Since the first time the company was established, it is networking with over 130 well established language centers in over 100 cities across China. We strive to provide the best possible environment for our teachers so that they can deliver quality education to the students.

4 Reasons You'll Love Working with Iconic Teachers

1. Trusted

Visas in China can be tricky, but you can rest easy with Iconic-Teachers. We obtain full work visa for all of our foreign teachers.

2. Freedom 

Escape the daily grind by diving into an adventure. With more than 130 schools to choose from, you'll have the opportunity to pick the job that's right for you.

3. Growth

We believe in providing our teachers with ongoing training and opportunities for growth which will equip you for future success in China and back home.

4. Support

With a vast of experience, and a network of schools located all over China, you'll be connected with ESL professionals and a network of English teachers and staff who can serve as mentors and guides.